Healing Stone Necklace

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Love | Harmony | Acceptance


The stone of love, respect and trust. Rose Quartz comforts and calms us — a gentle force that both harmonizes and heals our relationships with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.


In seasons of disbelief, may you nourish the embers of your own fire. Let its warmth spark a trust that awakens you, revealing the true radiance that resides within. Through the darkest of nights, your golden heart will be your guide — shining hope over all that you do and pouring love into every shape of you. My darling, you are a walking reminder that just like the sun, you are beauty in its entirety — always whole, always bright and always worthy of holding light. You do not need to change or chase for more — the sky has been and will always be yours.


Serenity | Stability | Clarity



The stone of protection, healing and purification. Amethyst grants us a moment of clarity and a grounding spirit that reminds us that with every negative and anxious thought, there lies an answer of serenity and spiritual wisdom.


In seasons of storms, may you quiet the restless sounds of thunder echoing in your mind. Let the lightning of your soul energize all sides of yourself, revealing the endless possibilities of your tomorrows. As the rain of uncertainty washes over you, your power will pour through you — planting seeds of strength in the spaces where your heart can bloom. My darling, you are a walking reminder that from chaos comes clarity and from every storm, comes the sun.


Growth | Intuition | Strength


The stone of new beginnings, positive thinking and inspiration. Moonstone’s radiant light reminds us that with every shadow of stress and instability, we face an opportunity for inner growth and strength.


In seasons of change, may you unveil your light and let the fire within your soul burn away all of which no longer serves your heart. Through darkened skies, your strength will allow you to rise, creating space for all your phases to be seen and held — however wild and abounding. My darling, you are a walking reminder that just like the moon, you are never broken — with every transformation, you are infinitely becoming. Through every piece you will find yourself whole.

Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Base Material: Brass, Semi-Precious Gemstone
Length: 18-20" Adjustable, Built-in Extender
Pendant Dimensions: 3 x 7 mm
Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free)